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Syma - S107G (range up to 15m, infrared, fly time up to 8 min) - Yellow
319,00 kr
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The Syma S107G is a revolutionary 3-channeled, remotely controlled helicopter. This is the most popular and most frequently bought model in its class. The frame made of metal and built-in high-quality gyroscopic system make the model very steady during flight. Even a beginner can control the helicopter like an expert just after a few minutes of learning. The most frequently chosen mini three-channeled helicopter with a gyroscope.
Syma Q1 Pioneer 2CH Speed Boat
559,00 kr
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The motorboat for remote control is a great toy that offers a lot of fun. The boat has many great features and is really easy to use. The speed that the motor boat achieves is up to 25 km / h! Durable, foam seal construction ensures the boat is fully waterproof. The boat is equipped with a water-cooled motor that minimizes energy loss.